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    Why Murfie?

    We rip your physical media and back it up so you get unlimited streaming and download access in fully lossless quality. For only $99 per year you get all the following benefits!

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    Digitize Your Collection

    Your collection, stored in the cloud, uncompressed. Includes unlimited streaming and download access.

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    Lossless Streaming

    Stream in 1411 kbps flac using our web player or select devices including: SONOS, Bluesound, VOCO, etc.

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    Unlimited Downloads

    Download your albums as many times as you want in the following formats: flac, alac, mp3, aac.

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    World's Largest Lossless Marketplace

    Browse over 300,000 albums and subscribe to save $1.99 on all shop purchases.

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    $0.99 Direct Shipments

    Ship purchases directly from Amazon, Bandcamp, etc. and add them to your collection for only $0.99.

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    Declutter Your Shelves

    Store your physical collection in our climate controlled warehouse, or have it shipped back home if you prefer. Eliminate the hassle of searching for titles on your shelves.

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    Retain Ownership

    With Murfie, you retain ownership to your media which guarantees your right to stream, download, sell or trade.

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    12 Free Cloud Albums Each Year

    Subscribe and receive 12 free albums of your choice from Murfie-owned stock each year.

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