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Media Coverage 2015

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Press page hd living 9fd1446bb0ca2659fd85439019b8377236f3e9649c945636589b0ee764216d1c
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  • June 6, 2015
  • The Huffington Post
  • Hacking the WIN-Win-Win Business Model
  • The first WIN is for the music fans who get to use their service for free. The second Win for the subset of their customers who can transact with a single-lick. The third win is for Murfie who takes a cut from these transactions. READ MORE
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  • March 14, 2015
  • The Daily Cardinal
  • Murfie reactivates a love of music
  • This is where Murfie distinguishes itself from other streaming services; you own the physical copy of the music being streamed. Murfie’s unique model is all about preserving the emotional connection to your music collection and the artists you invest in, while allowing you to have all the modern conveniences of cloud access. READ MORE
Press page captimes 05291fbc537c5aec68fc1548c1921d6cedf32ca32111cfdcc537ffb3dd8fb39c
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Press page madisondotcom a88f79de50a6be13af09b38cbb95e7789aa2ae0662cebc571bbe9fb26caae24e
  • January 23, 2015
  • Tech and Biotech: Murfie partners with Samsung
  • In the meantime, (Matt) Younkle is heavily focused on creating partnerships with equipment manufacturers. “(Samsung is) educating their dealer network about Murfie,” Younkle said. “We’re the company that, for folks upgrading to these new types of audio — makes sure that their CDs and vinyl come along for the ride." READ MORE

Media Coverage 2014

Press start up 24c5e3614c64c8a191b2e4bd78046304f81d8e01eea96a9e0b495739a42b2347
  • December 6, 2014
  • START UP TV Show
  • Season 2, Episode 6
  • Gary and the crew... swing by Madison, WI to meet with Matt who started Murfie, a company that turns your old CD's and Vinyl into high quality digital files WATCH EPISODE
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Press page twice bf308a0b409441d54d4dac1c4501ba80d766ae0449d46c3015e1dd73719b2c64
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Press page ng bdfbc05318859af9320dafe5ca759fe869f3ba8104d88df994d45ae808599771
  • May 1, 2014
  • The News-Gazette
  • Things too good to be true sometimes are great
  • To say that I'm thrilled, amazed and gratified to take my 50 favorite albums with me anywhere and everywhere there is Wi-Fi is an understatement. If you have a cell-enabled tablet or a smartphone, your music is yours anywhere there's cellular reception. READ MORE
Press page channel3000 69275584aa88892951100936254328948e4dc5ef6710a1aec9a75ffb0a40b9de
  • April 8, 2014
  • 'Pressure Chamber' puts 6 Madison startups in pitch contest
  • "All that content we put all that great music that's in your collection into a private locker for you that you can access online. You can stream it, you can download it, you can essentially play it on any device," said Younkle. Murfie's warehouse has 500,000 CDs, but Younkle still has big goals for the company. READ MORE
Press page ng bdfbc05318859af9320dafe5ca759fe869f3ba8104d88df994d45ae808599771
  • March 27, 2014
  • The News-Gazette
  • Want your music on the go-go? Murfie can help
  • First, visit Murfie by going to its website at: or phone Murfie at 608-515-8180. A representative will walk you through the process and quote a price for you. Once you decide how many CDs you wish to transfer to the cloud and whether you wish to send them in jewel boxes or in paper sleeves that Murfie can provide, Murfie sends you a cardboard box of the correct size with a UPS return label. READ MORE
Press page avs 67afffbbad62b6906df97f03afd885700d5b223e8da42b7de4aa4443ac8501ce
  • March 26, 2014
  • AV Specialists
  • Digitizing Your Music Collection? Try Murfie.
  • With Murfie’s Hi-Fi service through Sonos, you can stream High Quality FLAC files, even right from your phone (FLAC lossless streaming is planned for more streaming devices in the future). All other Murfie streaming is at 320kbps, which is still a dramatic improvement over almost all of its competitors. READ MORE
Press page wpt 6e90f1d88faacf1d03f9494cbc6902f1afa01d35342d043e636078c87d80d6d2
Press page usat 531d8841d05e1d36e20a9cd1be935ec148502abab5bfe2f8243d641046d0b2c2
  • January 3, 2014
  • USA Today
  • Is your house full of old CDs? Murfie wants to help
  • Yesterday I mentioned one of my 2014 resolutions is to purge my CD collection, which is just gathering dust and taking up too much space in my apartment.
    A Pop Candy reader suggested I try, a site designed for aging music lovers like myself. Not only will these guys convert my discs into digital files, they'll store all of them, too — and even let me sell the ones I don't want. READ MORE

Media Coverage 2013

Press page wsj ad7f6eabb6ca791de573ab05d8973989d8bd5a0c53ff5c7f27d8f1dbc4832ed4
Press page yahoo news 085990d87d11cfcb1188a8ebcd4b0d8e0ea45373e8e5509baff092cfc044c7d2
Press page alleywatch 69d1819f7e8f3e15a220fa7cee3d8fd33f214109b392d9619ebc17ffbba46be0
  • November 11, 2013
  • AlleyWatch
  • 5 Music and Media Apps You Won’t Want to Miss
  • Created by Boston TechStars graduates, Murfie resembles the used CD and record stores of the 90s. Users can send their CDs to the company’s headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, and Murfie digitizes them and makes them available on their website. READ MORE
Press page channel3000 69275584aa88892951100936254328948e4dc5ef6710a1aec9a75ffb0a40b9de
  • October 22, 2013
  • Madison Magazine celebrates city's high-tech scene
  • Another new innovation takes a lighter approach to solving one of society's most pressing problems: managing precious CD collections taking up space in your closet. Sign up for Murfie's online music service, and customers receive boxes to ship their CDs to be digitized and stored in cyberspace for selling, buying, streaming and downloading. READ MORE
Press page techattend 32561cf6b173c3710b8c80fa534a2087bfef5f94c8a9e6d29ff3f9e46664731e
Press page ttell 4b8df6c08adf66a587be1a92e36f9e41d2b7efc3f49a27d060cc699db4101d04
  • August 12, 2013
  • Technology Tell
  • VOCO and Murfie Team Up for Lossless Cloud Streaming
  • VOCO has been constantly expanding on the system’s capabilities, adding new app support and so forth, but its latest upgrade may be its biggest yet. VOCO has teamed up with Murfie HiFi to deliver voice-activated, streaming lossless audio from the cloud. READ MORE
Press page cnet 250fe9f602c52f9f98bccd24715b7e77e01bd05271b44b95a223fdfe0246bb2b
Press page hypebot 41403954edc583b1d867b0b7bf43fe124a6fcd84519ef9805cc2a7c073c247a4
  • July 1, 2013
  • Hypebot
  • Murfie Provides The Cloud For Your CD Collection
  • As part of our series on how hard it is to collect music these days, we now set our sights on Murfie, an iOS and Android app that takes a new approach to uniting the music collection. This unique snowflake of a service targets people who still own CDs, but want to play all that stuff on their smartphones and tablets without ripping it all. On top of that, it lets you sell your CDs, which you might have already ripped. READ MORE
Press page readwrite 4a6bfc2ff46ab28adfb9c30efe6e00263b544d9bc92b599c13221473b7489604
  • July 1, 2013
  • 10 Music Services You May Not Know About—But Should
  • Every interaction on the site is based on a real CD that you own and can “do whatever you want with.” Since everything is based on physical CDs, Murfie will help you add the first 100 discs from your home collection for free. READ MORE
Press page b2c 602e97211e4d130124b393b1f83fdeeb446190b6f136126a098abb0c4a7925be
Press page itworld f4f2ed88d7ad258fac63879be6ac7626a84992cb8062347d04562f19a91d0a63
Press page tynan 9b9c53342a9e15de3bd2e6a819659067f9471f678b9bc818b88399f8fcda7d2a
  • April 9, 2013
  • Tynan Writes
  • Happiness is a Warm Murfie
  • Instead, I went to and bought the entire White Album for $3. Then I played the song on our Sonos box in the family room. It totally ticked off my wife, but that was just a bonus. And then I got to bore him with Beatles trivia until he ran out the door headed for school. (At least he wasn’t late that day.) READ MORE
Press page time aae52929674d0bfa45efd6b89536e51bcf1079e96137eab22cab2cdadad55fb2
Press page time aae52929674d0bfa45efd6b89536e51bcf1079e96137eab22cab2cdadad55fb2
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Media Coverage 2012

Press page cbs news 1511f5d04226f9ab054067f35c20a20475f09aa84f38d11de5667d60e883d66e
  • December 11, 2012
  • CBS News (video)
  • How this entrepreneur moved from suds to sounds
  • You can kiss your CD-clutter goodbye thanks to Matt Younkle, co-founder of Murfie. Murfie lets users buy, sell, trade and download CDs and does all the heavy lifting to transfer content to your computer. READ MORE
Press page cnet 250fe9f602c52f9f98bccd24715b7e77e01bd05271b44b95a223fdfe0246bb2b
Press page slashgear 67727c61df45b79888c286bc54f0a7fadd7adeb3b6f004af4fe1a2555bd604f7
  • November 13, 2012
  • SlashGear
  • Murfie and Sonos want your CD collection in the mail
  • If you’ve got a massive stack of CDs sitting in your closet and both want to listen to them all the time and don’t want to take the time to import them all to your computer, Sonos and Murfie have just the solution for you. In a brand new brand team-up, Murfie and Sonos have joined forces to present a “Better Together” sort of situation in which they want you to literally send them all of your CDs in the mail so they can import them to your cloud storage for you. READ MORE
Press page businessinsider 62a27571ec3fd25d4648b82cf03d5bf37b7ec2d551f8b868b704eedf25593433
Press page wsj ad7f6eabb6ca791de573ab05d8973989d8bd5a0c53ff5c7f27d8f1dbc4832ed4
  • October 17, 2012
  • Wisconsin State Journal
  • Madison’s in event at big Euro tech conference
  • - the Madison company that stores music CDs and lets their owners buy, sell and trade them - has been invited to participate in START, an event being held this week in conjunction with the Dublin Web Summit, which calls itself "Europe's biggest tech conference" READ MORE
Press page wpr be676113a41a0ad81959386dc6237d5e06f03456c58c33067bafe67a00cacf59
  • September 26, 2012
  • Wisconsin Public Radio
  • Wisconsin attracts more startups
  • Matt Younkle is the founder of Murfie, a music website based in Madison. He's an advocate for startups and as more and more companies like his get off the ground, Younkle says there is a growing number of people who see value in keeping their companies in the Midwest instead of relocating them to the coasts. READ MORE
Press page popmatters 34fd9396de03e8e34713fa7fdfdc25e964c6b837c08e8d6ac5836c536e0bb5f1
  • June 3, 2012
  • PopMatters
  • Think twice about your music, it’s alright: ReDigi and Murfie
  • What if your regrets come in hard copy? You could haul your discs down to the local record store and have a smirking clerk offer you pennies on the dollar for them, or you could send them to the Madison, Wisconsin-based Murfie, which describes itself on its website as “a gigantic CD collection fueled by people across the country.” READ MORE
Press page isthmus e3176413a186594cef61028b15872d124468510ecbaa9d7864a0f020c3774dfa
  • May 3, 2012
  • Isthmus
  • With its podcast, online startup Murfie highlights Madison tunes
  • The podcast started in January, following a $1.4 million infusion of investor funding. The money didn't eliminate one of the biggest challenges startups face: obscurity. Even though Murfie has been featured in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, it's still not a household name. Along with a blog and a recently launched YouTube concert series, Murfie's podcast is a vehicle for bolstering name recognition. READ MORE
Press page bostoncom 3d7965988230af3e432d2d6a5ef16835cd07318a15014eb6e5414d147473cda0
Press page yahoo 81b007c1985b2b4eb41e62a06c399bdc7894e496d1219fb834c980d568339c14
  • May 1, 2012
  • Yahoo! Shopping
  • What to do with those old CDs and DVDs
  • The good news is that a marketplace is emerging to do it all for you in a green and potentially profitable manner. The Wisconsin-based start-up Murfie has an intriguing system. You mail in your used CDs and cases — Murfie provides the shipping kit — and the company converts the music into digital format for later downloading in the digital format of your choice. READ MORE
Press page tcd 3a8e640fcb431ce56eb7e778f550122c58f8d37c22165e62e554dc903c3f51c2
  • March 5, 2012
  • ThirdCoast Digest
  • Cloud heaven for your CDs
  • “You turn your collection into an online account. It’s up to you to determine what you do with your music once it’s there,” Younkle explains. READ MORE
Press page bbj a4a03485e24c20d655cf787de51eb8481638bf1c7be4d73d3ceb2c232aef2f31
  • February 10, 2012
  • Boston Business Journal
  • TechStars Boston: Good for startups at any stage (even those with $)
  • "There certainly were things where I thought TechStars could be valuable for them," Broderick said.Austin said the encouragement from people who knew the program, along with his positive view of the Boston tech scene, led Murfie to apply. The startup was chosen as one of the 13 companies to the prestigious program this year. READ MORE
Press page bbj a4a03485e24c20d655cf787de51eb8481638bf1c7be4d73d3ceb2c232aef2f31
Press page bbj a4a03485e24c20d655cf787de51eb8481638bf1c7be4d73d3ceb2c232aef2f31
  • February 6, 2012
  • Boston Business Journal
  • An unusual TechStar: Murfie seeks to build huge CD store
  • Most startups wouldn't try to take on iTunes and Amazon in the area of selling music. But Murfie, part of this year's TechStars Boston class, isn't just selling MP3s; when you buy music and download it from their site, you actually own a CD. READ MORE
Press page usatoday 4b252556bab4280f848076bd207543d322c535e92249e3dfa345d1fb7cd4636c
  • January 25, 2012
  • USA Today College
  • Wisconsin graduates build business from your old CD collection
  • “I didn’t even have a CD player at my house anymore. I was asking myself, what does it mean to own a CD?” While answering the question of what to do with his CD’s, Younkle, like many music-lovers, was caught between wanting to go digital, but still wanting to retain ownership of his music. READ MORE
Press page techstars 6dd60975466db1428bbe34a1a646a4eeb8f665920ea123f5af4c212aebbeba45
Press page techco 8dcb0620fe7978c032c5a731c82f006aeea5aa8b51976a4ae52d1302ae4afde0
  • January 19, 2012
  • Tech Cocktail
  • Redefining beer taps and online music stores: An interview with Matt Younkle
  • Since turning his novel product into a full-fledged business, Younkle has shifted his attention toward solving a new problem- what it means to own your music. Murfie, Younkle’s latest creation, blends the digital and traditional models of music ownership. Buy a 2nd-market CD through their store, and they keep a digital copy for you to access through the cloud at any point. READ MORE

Media Coverage 2011

Press page wsj ad7f6eabb6ca791de573ab05d8973989d8bd5a0c53ff5c7f27d8f1dbc4832ed4
Press page ibt 52461caac066896b468d0b51974cdf55b0511c860858ffc4a5c015d465811f42
  • November 21, 2011
  • International Business Times
  • Top five services for moving music to the cloud
  • Storing and streaming music is one of the many features of the cloud and became the newest online service many had been crazy about. Using your PC, tablet or smartphone, the cloud will allow you to listen to any music that you fathom READ MORE
Press page pcworld 57658b60921cf1027d9191a2a4e0831155365a555e4bb3dd022637d2a8e66e73
  • November 9, 2011
  • PC World
  • Five Services That Can Move Your Music to the Cloud
  • Major technology companies, including Amazon, Apple, and Google, are lining up alongside smaller service providers to help consumers store and stream their music collections online. Whether you want to listen on your PC, your tablet, or your smartphone, you can find a number of online services that cater to your particular needs. READ MORE
Press page volumeone dbc86e379ab16753f31f11951e8737cecf8432bc59cd7a5bca41c3debedc31ea
  • October 11, 2011
  • Volume One Blog
  • Hard-to-explain Madison company will enable your CD addiction
  • NPR reports on a cool-sounding if hard to explain Sconnie business (based out of Madison) that will digitize and store your physical CDs and then do cool stuff with them. It’s called, and after you suss out the details, it sounds pretty damn cool – especially if you’re one of those weirdos with hundreds and hundreds of CDs on your hands. READ MORE
Press page npr 9949207364782167c6e8351f5c41cc126955165f6af69f79cc156f71afe01661
  • October 10, 2011
  • NPR: All Tech Considered
  • Wisconsin Business hopes to help break the CD habit
  • Murfie is a lot of things to a lot of people. But to Hooper, it was a dream come true: Murfie will burn your old discs to a digital file, recycle the cases and even resell the album online. It's part garage sale, part iTunes. READ MORE
Press page earth 2e4f7d6e2f394376bf302f54c44a4a6a60d797c700e81d17262e5dced3bfab7d
  • September 22, 2011
  • New service digitizes CDs, recycles cases
  • Murfie, a new online music marketplace, wants to help, allowing members to buy, sell and store their CDs, while the company recycles the jewel cases – a material with limited local recycling options. READ MORE
Press page nyt ac56e740d154a3ad8cfa73c8c235768502c976e4ec1ec1a3a9d16f64d4b01151
  • September 12, 2011
  • The New York Times: Green Blog
  • A virtuous (and fun?) way to trade in old CDs
  • If you’re like me, you have stacks of music CDs lying around the house that you’d love to get rid of. You may have tried selling them at the local used music store or one at a time online but found this process tedious. So you give up, only to discover your curbside recycling service won’t take them. READ MORE
Press page treehugger 2c33ab9ba6619c99bff3fb34e26d667e2055419accf73f5940fa88fa1b962476
  • September 12, 2011
  • TreeHugger
  • Recycle old CDs with Murfie, buy used music for cheap
  • Still, what do you do with those old, dust-collecting CDs in the basement? You can try selling them, but you won't get much money, and you may need a trailer to haul them over to the music store, if you can find a music store in 2011. Enter Murfie, a service that will take your old CDs, turn them into digital files, and recycle your plastic cases. READ MORE
Press page dmw 119d39e4356248ccb3bf1b1a72e590f1cae5dd6d0cd660ab29d6eb548171b0fc
  • September 1, 2011
  • Digital Media Wire
  • Murfie offers rip, mix, burn, and sell
  • Consumers trying to wean themselves away from CDs may be interested in Murfie, a music marketplace startup that combines a ripping service with storage, sales and trades of collected discs. READ MORE
Press page wsj ad7f6eabb6ca791de573ab05d8973989d8bd5a0c53ff5c7f27d8f1dbc4832ed4
Press page rocketclicks be1c8f1845e5ca5479e66fb13dd18c1ae3b0cabbcf9a88d5e67fb33eba45c445
  • June 1, 2011
  • Rocket Clicks Blog
  • Interviews with brilliant people: founder Matt Younkle
  • In this edition of Interviews With Brilliant People, we are joined by Matt Younkle, an accomplished inventor and businessman currently entrenched in, an online music store that functions more like a used CD store than iTunes or Amazon (He’ll explain later in the interview). READ MORE
Press page socialmeteor c2c56e1d902bff4ed222ab012f9d33b061c5e0d79023bb752ecee8b242f988e4
  • June 1, 2011
  • Social Meteor Blog
  • Gone digital? Recycle unplayed music CDs and clear your shelves
  • “We fill the gaps that other digital music store leave – by providing a digital product that’s backed by a solid guarantee of legal rights to sell, trade, and convert to new formats – the physical CD,” said Preston Austin, co-founder of READ MORE
Press page ejunkie c3fa32eb2259f37385b05e63125c3d196d2671e574551458a4843a881747e002
  • May 24, 2011
  • E-junkie Blog
  • Start-up of the week: Murfie. Buy, sell, and trade your old CDs
  • Murfie provides you with a platform where you can sell, buy and trade your music. The Cds that are collecting dust in a corner of your home can now give you cash. You can even buy from Murfie's collection that is varied and easily accessible. They have categorized the music and choosing the music is extremely easy. READ MORE
Press page keetsa 48c40b58628270059256fb3889a0ab8129778ea78d504b830e2a2526b6fb3c99
  • May 5, 2011
  • Keetsa! Blog
  • Meet Murfie: Unique CD to digital download marketplace
  • Essentially if you have physical music CD’s (a/k/a compact discs) and want to trade in or up for newer or just different music, you can use Murfie to send in and list your collection for free, then a member who’s interested will take it off your hands. However the unique different thing is that Murfie will turn your CD’s into digital copies and recycle the actual physical CD’s you mail in. READ MORE
Press page thrillist e6145cfbf51796c936a2776dff8d75bb66b164465c0950a0b01e605bca1f3431
  • May 5, 2011
  • Thrillist
  • Murfie
  • For those who'd rather not get sued by the RIAA, ship off your old CDs using a free kit they supply and Murf'll upload 'em as mp3s, recycle the hard copies, and build out a "shop" of your retired tunes that other users can peruse and download either in trade for an album of theirs, or for a fee that gets deposited in your account, ironically letting music-sharing make you Ul-rich. READ MORE
Press page trendhunter 9527e9cec30b752bb96a32cce09c4529a2873c57391cdf9f35061763d6f7fec9
Press page ibmadison e747ae32ce03732d6ba05c8f947b6fc7f7b43e4b7d322047ee420294708adc22
  • May 1, 2011
  • In Business Magazine
  • Unlike iTunes, which Younkle said only allows users a license to listen to music, users actually purchase "real CDs" they can download, sell, or trade. Sellers can either set their own prices for albums, or let the Murfie system recommend a price. READ MORE
Press page ks 4f2639f61155ec27036df57d3991e43768290d48e5a88bce8701d39ac1c1329c
  • April 29, 2011
  • The Kathleen Show
  • Dump Your CDs (kind of…)
  • Matt Younkle from Murfie Music talks about how you can free your CDs (and all the space they take up). Murfie Music will actually send you a box so you can ship them all of your old CDs. Then, they’ll create digital files of all the albums that you can keep or trade for other music. And the best part? They recycle all those used CD cases so they’re not going into our landfills. READ MORE
Press page mm 81a1880fd581808cba5b3f679753847c6a4b5db86857624a4c828ad9a66973b0
  • March 1, 2011
  • Madison Magazine
  • Digging for the Pony
  • But if Murfie—or any of the other sixty-some startups that meet monthly under the Capital Entrepreneurs banner—are going to survive and create jobs and prosperity for our region, many of us must think and act a little differently. READ MORE
Press page metrowax 307532aa5696d6ffee5cfa74ffed9aa17e700cbca48d1ca1cee4ba98d5bea593
  • February 28, 2011
  • Metrowax Records Blog
  • Buy, Sell, Trade, and Digitize Your CDs at Murfie
  • When I first saw this article, I had to check the born-on date. I thought the fate of the compact disc was decided in 2002. This may be true, but in wasn't until 2010 that sales of digital music passed that of CD's READ MORE
Press page mjs 370ab0553f3538b140e40249337c49f858c80aa6ea89c20da2562a696c32f2d7
  • February 27, 2011
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Digitizing Piles of Old CDs is Startup’s Goal
  • Murfie is the latest enterprise by Wisconsin entrepreneur Matt Younkle and co-founder Preston Austin. In addition to Murfie's primary services, the firm also recycles discarded jewel cases. The name Murfie is a play on the acronym MRF, shorthand for materials recycling facility. READ MORE
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  • February 24, 2011
  • The Badger Herald
  • Murfie makes music sharing environmentally sound
  • In essence, Murfie is an account-based exchange that allows fans to trade or sell their old CDs online. Users can mail in their physical discs, have them stored digitally on their Murfie account, and purchase or barter with other users for their collections. Per a user’s request, Murfie will recycle the old jewel cases – the name is derived from the acronym MRF, for material recycling facility. READ MORE
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  • February 16, 2011
  • WTN News
  • Wanted: 15 Billion Music CDs
  • Byte Recycle, LLC, a Wisconsin-based technology-driven enterprise, is on a mission: free the country of the billions of music CDs lying idle in peoples’ closets, basements and garages. The company is launching, an online music exchange that offers music enthusiasts an economical and ecologically friendly means of buying, selling, trading and storing single CDs or entire musical collections – all from the company’s central CD depository. READ MORE