Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is Murfie?

Murfie is an online music service for your CD collection. We offer a buying, selling and trading community for music lovers who want traditional ownership with the convenience of remote storage and digital access. We’ll safely store all CDs in our inventory at our headquarters in Madison, WI, while you listen digitally via downloads and streaming. Stream your music collection from any browser with our Murfie Web Player, from any iOS/Android device with our Murfie app, and from any Sonos or VOCO device. Download any album in your Murfie collection in the digital format of your choice, including lossless formats.

You can buy used and new albums in the Murfie marketplace at great prices. When you buy an album on Murfie, it is automatically added to your online collection, where you can choose to stream in mp3 320kbps (lossless streaming available with VOCO) or download in the format of your choice (mp3, aac, FLAC, or ALAC). We also help you list the albums you want to sell or trade (if they haven’t been downloaded), and you can even give an album to anyone you like. You can request a Shipping Kit to add your CD collection from home to your online collection.

What’s music ownership like on Murfie?

Our service guarantees true ownership of music. This is a key difference between Murfie and other online stores that offer music downloads and streams. Every album in the Murfie ecosystem is individually backed by its corresponding physical disc, which provides you with a solid guarantee of legal rights to sell, trade, and convert to new audio formats. Buying tracks on iTunes and Amazon only gets you the license to listen to the music, and you lack most of the rights that owners of CDs and other physical media have.

How much does Murfie cost?

It’s free to sign up for Murfie, free to buy CDs in our marketplace, and free to trade CDs with other members. Streaming and downloads are included with all CDs you purchase or send in to Murfie. Physical delivery costs $2/disc. We have premium memberships too: Buy Murfie Gold for $25 to receive a $1 discount on all album purchases for 1 year, as well as a free 25 disc Shipping Kit to send CDs from home to your online Murfie collection (additional discs can be sent for $1/each). Join Murfie HiFi for $99/year to get lossless streaming of your Murfie collection through your VOCO device and all Gold benefits. Storage of your discs at Murfie is free for Gold and HiFi members. Storage will remain free after your first year, as long as you make at least 12 transactions per year (purchases, sales, trades, or paid deliveries) or become a Murfie Gold or HiFi member.

Can you will your Murfie collection to someone?

Yes. All the CDs in any Murfie account are real property, much like the contents of a safe deposit box. They can be willed like any other part of your estate. For anyone to claim the property without complexity, you should ensure that your Murfie account is associated with an email address that your heirs (or the executors of your estate) will have access to. An easy way to make sure they have access to your e-mail account is by letting them know your password, or making it available for them to access. You would not need to share your Murfie password, as it will be retrievable via that email account.

Is Murfie available internationally?

Yes! Our website will work just fine internationally (buying, streaming via the Web Player, downloading, trading, selling). Any international shipping (shipping discs to Murfie, or ordering delivery of albums) will be subject to international shipping rates. Our Murfie app (for iOS and Android) is available internationally. Murfie on Sonos is in the process of becoming available internationally. If you'd like to check the status, send us an email at Murfie HiFi in Sonos Labs is available internationally.

Sending Your CDs to the Cloud

What's a Shipping Kit?

It's a pre-paid package containing a box sized for your discs, packing materials, and a pre-paid return label to send your CDs from home to Murfie.

What am you required to send in with your CDs?

We only require the discs themselves. If you like, you can also send us jewel cases, album cover art, and liner notes. We recycle the jewel cases, but keep any album art or liner notes in storage with their associated discs.

What shouldn’t you send in with your CDs?

We can not accept CD-Rs (burned discs), DVDs, and any other disc that is not a commercially licensed Compact Disc.

Do you accept scratched discs?

Yes. Before delivering the content of your CD to you, we'll attempt to repair any damage (e.g. disc polishing, re-reads) in order to ensure data fidelity. If the scratches are through the upper surface of the disc (so that you can see through the plastic), it's likely that data will be lost on at least some tracks. If the scratches are on the read side of the disc, we can deal with most cases. If the disc isn't readable, we'll contact you with your options.

How fast can you post your CDs to your account?

On average, it takes us between 5-7 days to process your Shipping Kit and post your CDs to your Murfie account. The length of time depends on the size of your collection, how many kits we're processing at the moment, and where your kit stands in our queue. We will contact you via email once your discs arrive to Murfie HQ, and also when they're posted to your account.

Can Murfie rip your CD collection to a hard drive?

Yes, of course we can! Pricing varies based on the size of your collection and includes a hard drive, 2 audio formats, and return shipping of the hard drive. Check out the kit request page for pricing and hard drive details.

Who owns the CDs you send to Murfie?

You retain ownership of any discs you send us (we do not buy CDs from our members). You own every disc you send us until you make a sale or trade. Discs you send in are posted to your Murfie account on your Collection page. In the event something happens to Murfie, you will be able to retrieve every CD in your Murfie collection.

What if your disc count is wrong and you send in a different amount than expected?

We will credit your account if the number of discs we process is less than what you predicted. If you send in more than you predicted, we will charge you the difference.

What is your 90-day guarantee?

We guarantee to pay all shipping and handling expenses required to return CDs that you mail us back to you in the event you are not completely satisfied with our services up to Day 90. We guarantee this for the 90 days from the date we post your CDs to your Murfie account. CDs that you sell or trade away to other members cannot be returned to you. Should you wish to retrieve the CDs you originally mailed us as part of this guarantee, email us at within 90 days of your discs being posted to your account.

What if you want your CDs back?

If you want your CD collection back, we cover all the shipping and handling expenses for 90 days from the date we post your CDs to your Murfie account. You will also receive any album art, liner notes, or jewel cases you originally sent in. After the 90-Day Guarantee expires, we no longer cover the shipping and handling expenses required to return your CD collection to you in the event you request shipment of all or part of your original collection, and jewel cases will not be included.

What happens to your CDs if something happens to Murfie?

Every CD you store at Murfie HQ is your property. We take that very seriously. In the event Murfie goes out of business, you will get back every CD you own in your current collection. If it's inside the 90-Day Guarantee period, we guarantee to pay all shipping and handling expenses required to return your CDs. After this Guarantee expires, our regular shipping/handling costs would apply; please note that we offer bulk shipping, so please email us at to request a quote to get the lowest rate.

Selling Your CDs on Murfie

What does your “Shop” mean?

Your personal shop lists your CDs for sale (or trade, if you are a Murfie Gold member) on Murfie. Visit your Collection page to price any CDs you want to sell or trade, and they’ll get listed in your personal shop. Your personal shop has a unique URL, which you can share on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist.

What happens when you sell a CD on Murfie?

We credit 70% of the listed price to your Murfie account balance, and we keep the other 30% as our commission. We move the disc from your collection to the buyer’s collection. Once you sell a CD on Murfie, you will no longer be able to access it for streaming or downloading since ownership moves to the buyer. Any credit you make from the sale can be used towards purchases in the marketplace, or cashed out as a check.

How are your CDs priced?

You choose the price of your discs, at one of the available pricing options ($1, $2, $3, $5 or custom).

Buying CDs on Murfie

What happens when you buy a CD on Murfie?

For the listed price, you take ownership of the physical disc. The album is added to your Murfie collection-—we’ll store the CD in our warehouse and make it available to you via the digital (or physical + $2) delivery method of your choice: Stream in mp3 320kbps, download in mp3, FLAC, ALAC, aac.

Do you have to provide your credit card information?

No. You have four options to make payments on Murfie: credit/debit card, Murfie credit, PayPal, or Bitcoin. If you sell your CDs on Murfie, you'll accumulate money in your account balance that you can use toward purchases on Murfie.

Can you process your payment using PayPal?

Yes. You can go to your Billing page to add Murfie store credit with PayPal, and then use the Murfie credit towards purchases in the marketplace.

Can you process your payment using Bitcoin?

Yes. Head to the Billing page to find the Bitcoin option. Enter your desired amount of Murfie credit, and you will be taken to complete the process securely via Bitpay.

The green Buy button: What are the meanings of “Buy From”, “Buy New”, and “Order New”?

“Buy From” Means you are buying a member-sold (used) disc. These types of discs are already stored at our warehouse and are available for immediate streaming and downloading.

“Buy New” means you are buying a brand new copy of a disc, in stock at Murfie. These new, in-stock discs will be ready for immediate streaming and downloading. Note: buying new is different than ordering new.

“Order New” means you are ordering a brand new copy of a disc, which will take a few days to arrive at our headquarters. Once the disc arrives at Murfie, the disc will be available for immediate streaming and downloading. You will be charged for the purchase once the disc has arrived. You’ll receive an e-mail notification once the disc has been posted to your account.

How can you Unpurchase an album?

You can Unpurchase any album you buy on Murfie within 24 hours of purchase as long as you have not requested a download of that album. If you stream a purchase and don't love it, you can Unpurchase in the first 24 hours by going to your Collection page, finding that album, and clicking ‘Unpurchase’. Your Murfie account will then be credited with the purchase amount within 24 hours.

Who can trade on Murfie?

Murfie Gold Club members have access to free trading on Murfie.

What happens when you made a trade on Murfie?

Your newly acquired disc is moved to your Murfie collection. The disc you traded away is moved to the other member's collection.

Can you make a Wishlist?

Yes. You can add albums to your Wishlist when you’re interested in the album, but not ready to buy, and/or when the album is not yet available. If you added an album to your Wishlist because it’s not yet available, you will receive an e-mail notifying you when it becomes available in the marketplace.

How does Wishlist Autobuy work?

Autobuy is an automagical feature that goes hand-in-hand with your Wishlist. When adding any album to your Wishlist, you’ll be able to indicate how much you’d be willing to pay for that album if it became available. You can also select whether or not you would like your account to automatically buy the disc if it becomes available at your desired price or lower. You will receive an e-mail notifying you about the Autobuy purchase, and the disc can be found in your Collection.

How can you gift an album?

When you gift an album, you are giving a disc from your collection to theirs! You can find the gifting option by going to your collection and clicking the ‘Give this album to a friend!’ link, which is located under the price points to the right of an album. You’ll be prompted to enter in your friend’s e-mail address, and they’ll have 3 days to accept your gift. If it’s accepted, ownership of the album will transfer from you to whoever receives the gift, and it will no longer be accessible via your collection. If they pass on your offer, the disc will remain in your collection. You can gift any album you buy to a friend, as long as you haven’t requested a download of that album.

Can you ship a CD you purchased?

Yes. We charge a $2 physical delivery fee per disc. You will receive a plastic jewel case with your disc, but album art and liner notes may or may not be included.

Can you guarantee the quality of a disc you receive?

We guarantee that the CD you receive will be playable on an ordinary CD player, or we will issue you an exchange or a refund. Please email us immediately at if the disc you receive isn't to your satisfaction.

Do you offer bulk shipping?

We offer bulk shipping rates if a member requests to have their discs returned to them.

Listening to Your Murfie Collection

How can you stream your music on Murfie?

Any album you buy or send into Murfie can be accessed for streaming with our Murfie Web Player, our Murfie iOS and Android app, any Sonos device, and any VOCO device.

How can you stream on Sonos?

Check out this section in our Knowledge Base about Murfie on Sonos.

What is the streaming rate and streaming format for Murfie on Sonos?

Murfie streams your music using mp3 over HTTP at 320 kbps.

How can you stream with VOCO?

Follow these steps to start streaming your Murfie music in FLAC:

  • If you haven’t already, join Murfie HiFi
  • After selecting Murfie from Online Services in the Voco app, select the Murfie Credentials option
  • Select ‘Use FLAC for streams’

If you stream an album on Murfie, can you sell it?

Yes. You will have full rights to stream the album, until the CD has been sold if you choose to do so.

How do you download your CDs?

To request a download of any CD in your Murfie collection, head on over to your Collection page and find the album you want. Click the green ‘Delivery Options’ button to locate the download option. Once you order the download, our ops team will retrieve your CD from storage, rip it, convert the music files into the digital format of your choice, and make the ripped files available for you to download. We’ll shoot you an email when your download is ready.

How do you access your download?

When your download is ready, we'll notify you via email. You can also see which downloads are ready at any time by going to the ‘Downloads’ tab in your collection. Your download is provided as a zip file containing a folder with the name of the artist, inside of which is a folder with the name of the album, inside of which are individual music files named for each track encoded in the format you requested. The album art and metadata are also encoded into these files. To access your music, double-click the ".zip" archive file that you've downloaded to your computer (you're double-clicking the zip file to extract its contents). You'll then have a folder with the name of the artist. You can add the entire folder, or the individual music files inside of it, to your media player or media library—generally by dragging the files onto its window or icon. In most cases, your computer will have come pre-loaded with a media player, like iTunes or Windows Media Player. You can then transfer your music files to a portable media player, like an iPod.

What digital formats do you offer?

We offer downloads of your music in mp3 and aac format, as well as lossless formats FLAC and ALAC.

What are the specs of the digital formats you offer?

Lossy Compression:

MP3 (MPEG-1 Layer 3)
Filename extension is .mp3
This is the format that started the digital audio revolution that continues today. It is widely supported on many devices, and it’s the default format for all our users. We generate MP3 files using a variable rate encoding process targeting a 320 kbps average bit rate. We use the highly regarded LAME encoding engine.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
Filename extension is .m4a, .aac
Designed as the successor to MP3, AAC generally achieves superior audio quality at a given bit rate. This format sees great support on Apple devices (e.g. iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.), but it's not as widely supported on Windows computers. We generate AAC files using a variable rate encoding process targeting a 320 kbps average bit rate. This is the same format used for music purchased in the iTunes Store.

Lossless Compression:

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)
Filename extension is .flac
FLAC is an open and royalty free lossless format. As with all lossless formats, FLAC files compress audio data in a manner that does not discard any data; original information from the CD is perfectly preserved.The FLAC format is not natively supported on most Apple or Microsoft products, so it’s intended for users with strong digital audio knowledge.

ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)
Filename extension is .m4a
ALAC is Apple’s implementation of a lossless audio file format. While the format is proprietary, it sees great support across Apple’s range of devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.), so it's a great choice for Apple users wishing to experience the benefits of lossless audio. As with all lossless formats, ALAC files compress audio data in a manner that does not discard any data; original information from the CD is perfectly preserved.

What digital formats does iTunes support?

iTunes supports a variety of digital formats. You can add audio files that are in aac, mp3, WAV, AIFF, ALAC (Apple Lossless), or (.aa) format to your iTunes library.

Can you provide the specifics of your ripping process?

The audio files are ripped from your physical CDs, regardless of the format you choose. We rip your CD, using a database that allows us to verify the extracted audio files are 100% free from errors. Bad tracks will either be corrected (disc polishing, secure re-reads) or reported. Your album metadata is cross-checked among multiple databases, including the Rovi Music database, considered the industry’s most in-depth database of descriptive data for music.

Can you request more than one download of a CD?

Since you own the physical disc behind the download, we do permit our members to request more than one rip and download of their CD. Requesting more than one download of a particular CD is appropriate in any of the following cases:

  1. The customer wants to possess more than one audio file format. (We offer MP3, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and AAC.)
  2. The customer has more than one personal computer, and needs an additional download.
  3. The original zip file contains errors or bad tracks.
  4. The original music files have been lost or deleted.

After you download your CD, can you sell or trade it?

No. After you download one of your CDs, you won’t be able to list it for sale or trade on Murfie. Our advice: stream what you like, download what you love :)

How do you prepare your download?

We retrieve your CD from storage, rip it, convert the music files into the digital format of your choice, bundle them up into a zip file, and move the zip file into a secure space reserved on our server for you to download. You’ll receive an email notification from us when this process is complete and a link to begin download of your music.

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