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Whether you Send Your CDs and Vinyl from home or Buy CDs from the shop, at Murfie you have 100% control of every CD you own. It's your music. Get it your way.

Murfie via USPS


Kick it old school with actual plastic. Get any CD shipped to you for $5.99.

Murfie on your iOS device

High Quality Downloads

Download your CDs in your choice of high quality audio formats: 320kbps MP3 and AAC or lossless FLAC and ALAC.

Murfie on your iOS device

Pre-load To A Hard Drive

Get your entire CD and vinyl collection pre-loaded a hard drive. Your choice of two audio formats: MP3 & FLAC or AAC & ALAC.
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Murfie on your iOS device


Stream your music on the go with our swanky new iOS app. All your music at your fingertips.
Install Murfie for iOS.

Murfie on your Android device

Android Devices

Stream your music on the go with our awesome new Android app. Enjoy the freedom of mobile streaming.
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Murfie on your Sonos


Wireless Hi-Fi streaming. Instant, effortless streaming of your entire music collection in every room of your house. Get your Sonos now or connect Murfie + Sonos.

Murfie on your VOCO


Voice controlled, multi-room music and video streaming. Enjoy lossless streaming with Murfie + Voco. Use the coupon code "MurfieHiFi" at checkout for free shipping on

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Murfie Web Player

Stream your entire collection from any web browser. Make the player pop out for uninterrupted listening as you shop the Murfie marketplace.

Developer API

Developer API

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