Send us your collection with a pre-labeled shipping kit and we'll restore, digitize and upload your CD's and Vinyl to a secure cloud account.


Enjoy unlimited downloads of all of your music in FLAC (lossless), ALAC, AAC, WAV and MP3 formats. Perfect for backup drives or NAS devices.

Sell & Discover

Explore and discover new, classic and one-of-a-kind albums from collections listed on the world's largest HiFi marketplace. List your own albums easily and start earning cash when they sell.

Hi-Fidelity Streaming

Don't settle for compressed audio. Stream your essential music in lossless hi-fidelity from mobile or desktop. Enjoy compatibility with all leading premium audio brands, including: Sonos®, McIntosh®, BlueSound®, Autonomic® and NAD®.

Infinite Backup

For as long as you're a member, we'll backup your collection digitally to our secure cloud. That means no matter where life takes you, you're essential music will always be secure and accessible.

Enhanced Collection Management

Digital Collection Migration, Tagged Albums/Tracks, Enhanced Metadata

Premium Playback Features

Remote control, Offline Playback, Wider Device Integrations

Improved Discovery Features

Personalized Recommendations, Better Search & Filter, Improved Wish List


Send in your entire CD and Vinyl collection and we'll restore, digitize and optimize your collection and make it available for you to stream and download. We'll ensure lossless playback fidelity as well as match all the embedded metadata so your albums are easy to organize and play.


Browse over 900,000 Hi-Fi albums in the worlds largest Hi-Fi marketplace. Explore rare and one-of-a-kind albums that won't be available anywhere else. Find classics and contemporary hits starting as low as $1.

Upload (coming soon)

(Coming Soon) Upload your entire digital music collection to your Murfie cloud with a single click and enjoy your entire music library anywhere, from any device. Enjoy universal access and Hi-Fi streaming on compatible devices.

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New York

Perfect Digitization

Some of the discs in my collection were in rough shape, but here they are, streaming like they didn't have a scratch. You guys are magic.


Chicago, IL

Incredible Audio Quality

The simplicity, versatility and value of Murfie is hard to top. The lossless streaming is the best I've heard and it really makes a difference when you're listening to some of the greats. Plus, the service is top notch. The guys are professional and really, truly care about your experience. Highly recommend.


Santa Monica, CA

Amazingly Easy

The process to get my collection digitized was painless. I had over 500 albums taking up space that I never got a chance to enjoy. Now I can enjoy them anywhere I want. Plus, I found some real gems in the shop. Thanks!

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