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Murfie brings it all together in one place. CDs on your shelf, vinyl in your living room, cassettes from your tape deck. It's your music -- listen to it how you want, wherever you are. Buy used CDs and grow your collection.
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Let us be the CD player or turntable for any device!

With Murfie, there is no limit to the number of albums you can host in your collection. Once they are in your account, whether CDs, vinyl, or cassettes, Murfie allows you to play any album, any time, on any device!


Own your music, Buy more CDs

In the age of Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Music and all, it is easy to forget the power of owning. All these new services are great for discovering new music. But you lose access as soon as you stop paying (and sometimes for other reasons).

With Murfie, your music is really yours. Stream, download, sell, trade and buy used CDs. This is the future of music collecting.

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The highest quality for your enjoyment

Murfie knows what to do with your collection so you can be sure you're getting the highest-fidelity audio, from your pocket to your living room. We offer lossless downloads and HiFi members can stream in lossless quality on capable devices.

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Collect the music you love

You treasure the obscure stuff. The rarities and b-sides. Murfie brings your whole collection to the cloud, including all your back catalogs and gems. Buy, sell, and trade new and used CDs with other collectors on the Murfie store and build your perfect collection

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Let us know how many CDs you have in your collection. We'll send you a shipping kit so they arrive safely!